Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette Review


It’s been a really long time since I last bought an eyeshadow palette. Well, a really long time for someone with a beauty blog and Instagram page, anyway. Since earlier in the year when I purchased the Colourpop Sweet Talk palette.

I’m generally not someone incredibly drawn to them, so when one is released and I can’t stop thinking about it I kind of take it as a sign. Then the Sephora sale came around and I took it as a double sign.

If you’re not familiar, Jackie Aina is a beauty influencer with over 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million followers on Instagram. I’m a fan of Jackie, so when I heard about her collaboration with ABH I was excited to see what she would create.

The palette consists of both warm and cool tones, shimmer and matte finishes. It retails for $84 AUD or $45 USD.

I have a small collection of their single shadows, which all perform beautifully. I did previously declutter the Prism palette, which seemed to be a victim of “good vs bad” batches. Mine was incredibly powdery and had no lasting power, so I was a little bit hesitant to try this.


The packaging was probably the biggest deterrent for me when I was trying to decide if I wanted to buy the palette or not. I’m aware that this is really nit-picky… but I don’t like Jackie’s logo at all. I actually feel a little bad about it because in her announcement video she mentioned that her partner created it, which I think is really sweet. But honestly I kinda hate it. The rest of the packaging doesn’t bother me as badly, but I do think the snake skin texture as well as the iridescent colour is a bit much. That’s just personal preference though, I see so many people raving about how beautiful it is.

Luckily I found the colour story within the palette to be so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. Even though purple isn’t really my jam, I do think it really works here. As you can see from the swatches when combined together a lot of the more colourful shades neutralise (at least to my eye). Now let’s get into the individual shadow performance:

Top look is Supreme all over the lid, Trust Issues in the inner corner and Big Wig along the bottom lash line. Bottom look is Ginger in the crease, Lituation on the outer lid, Soleil at on the inner lid and Credit on the lower lash line.

Top look is Supreme all over the lid, Trust Issues in the inner corner and Big Wig along the bottom lash line. Bottom look is Ginger in the crease, Lituation on the outer lid, Soleil at on the inner lid and Credit on the lower lash line.

Soleil is a warm peachy golden shimmer. It’s one of those super versatile shades that I like to use as highlight shade, all over the lid or on it’s own blown out everywhere.

Zamn is deeper and chunkier than Soleil. It’s a rose gold, which is beautiful but does have a lot of fallout. Either do your eyes first or apply with a wet brush or finger to avoid it.

Supreme is an unexpected favourite from me. It’s that real Barbie pink but taking a tiny bit on your brush and really blowing it out can look quite subtle… for a bright pink. Shades like this are usually patchy but this one isn’t in the slightest.

Wiggalese is a rich red shimmer. It’s formula is like that of Soleil, bright and reflective but without flecks of glitter. Completely stunning and a real stand out in the palette.

Pinker is a matte shade with silver micro glitter. It seems the glitter is there purely to assist with blending because it vanishes once applied. It’s a deep pink that can pull purple on me depending on the light.

Shookington is a cool toned purple shimmer. The formula is very similar to Zamn. High impact but a lot of fallout.

Big Wig is essentially the matte version of Shookington. Swatched above it looks lighter in depth than it really is. It’s similar to Supreme in terms of pigmentation and blendability.

Trust Issues is a white to gold duo chrome. There doesn’t seem to be much base pigment, so it works more like a topper. You can see the level of fallout if applied with a dry brush in the picture on the right. I’ve also used it wet and it’s much better that way.

Dwollahs is a slightly green toned gold shimmer. It’s a beautiful almost creamy feeling shimmer. It’s super bright and is quite unique for a gold. I have no issues with this shade at all.

Edges is a mid toned burnt orange shade. Like all of the mattes in this palette, it’s rich in pigmentation and can be worn easily as a crease shade on my fair skin or as a deepening shade.

Credit is a deep, rich brown that pulls quite warm on me. This shade is much more versatile than I thought, and it can be worn sheer with a light hand or very opaque if used more liberally. You can see how sheer I was able to apply it in the look image below.

Sponsored is probably the most unique shade in the palette. It has a brown base with a green reflect. Kind of looks almost like an oil spill when on the eyes. I can see myself getting a tonne of use out of this.

Lituation is a chocolatey shimmer that I think will end up being one of my most reached for shades. Definitely works as a stand alone shade or in a look paired with other colours. It gets a little lost when looking at the palette as a whole, but it’s so worthy of its place.

Ginger is a warm brown matte. It pulls quite orange in the swatch but is much more neutral in person. As you can see in the bottom look, a little bit on the brush will have it working easily as a transition shade for fair skin.

I don’t have a bad word to say about any of the matte shades. They are a bit powdery, but not to an extreme. I’ve used every shade in the palette, and they all last a full days wear. I do suggest doing your eyes first if you are using Zamn, Shookington or Trust Issues. The other shimmers are a smoother formulation and you shouldn’t have any issues.

The colour story walks the line between neutral and colourful. It’s unique while being wearable, which can feel rare sometimes. Overall I’m really glad that I purcahsed the palette and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

The Anastastia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette can be found at the following retailers:
Australia: Sephora ($84) or Mecca ($82)
Cult Beauty, Sephora US, Anastasia Beverly