All content on this blog (www.othersummers.com) is created by me unless stated otherwise.

I am 100% honest in all reviews and opinions, regardless of whether a product has been sent to me for testing or purchased with my own money. I speak for my own experiences with a product. However, I will on occasion share the experiences of friends/family members that certain products are more targeted towards. I do find it helpful to gather experiences from people with differing skin types/concerns/needs and will do so when I am able.

If a post is sponsored, I will mention it within the post. I will do the same for any products sent to me or affiliate links. Any money made from this blog (or Instagram) will be used to fund the blog or purchase products for review. Compensation will not change my opinion on a product, keeping my integrity in tact is very important to me. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an email: billiemmoran@gmail.com 

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