USA Makeup Haul

Hello and welcome to part two of my USA Haul! Last time it was all skincare, this time it's all about makeup. I somehow managed to time my trip with a Sephora sale so there's a lot here. Like, a lot, lot. This is already going to be a pretty long post, so let's just jump right in: 

The very first purchases I made were from Pat McGrath Labs. I was immediately drawn to the MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette because of all the cool toned taupe shades. I love a beautiful warm eyeshadow as much as the next girl, but I'm also very drawn to cooler shades. I also had to pick up a gloss. I chose Flesh Astral, which is a sheer nude with golden shimmer. I think I'll write a full review for the palette, but as for the gloss, I am in love! Definitely a treat your self kind of gloss, but so dreamy.  

In my last Beauty Wishlist post, I mentioned that I was set on getting the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. However, when I was at their counter, I was completely drawn to the Light Wonder foundation instead. It's that perfect glowy and natural base that I'm loving at the moment. I'd also heard a few bloggers mention that they find the L'Oreal Lumi Glotion to be really similar to the Flawless Filter, so I decided to go for that instead. I've been really enjoying mixing it in with my foundations. I got the fair shade and it works beautifully, but I'm thinking about getting a deeper one for the upcoming summer.

I didn't stop there with the base products. I finally got the Face Glow foundation by Natasha Denona after falling in love with a sample. It's been on high rotation ever since I brought it home. The Milk Makeup Flex Concealer and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer also made their way into my collection after being curious about both for quite a while.

I was almost out of my beloved ABH Clear Brow Gel, but I wanted to try Milk's version while I had the opportunity. I'm still waiting for the day we can get their products in Australia. I've been liking it just as much as the Anastasia one, even though they both have very differently shaped brushes.

I'd watched a few videos from Jamie Paige and had taken note when she said that the Hourglass Caution Mascara was completely smudge proof. I'm definitely smudge-prone, so I figured I'd pick up a mini to give it a try. While I do like it, it's not my favourite. It does smudge a little bit, but gives a great amount of length and separation. I like more volume for my lashes, so I don't think I'd buy this one again.

I may have gotten a little carried away when looking at Wet N Wild products, but they're so affordable that it was hard to not buy everything. I ended up choosing their Colour Icon Bronzer in Bikini Contest, the MegaGlo Highlighter in Blossom Glow and the Comfort Zone palette. The bronzer unfortunately shattered in my vanity drawer, but it's nothing repressing didn't fix. I've been thoroughly impressed by all three products. Wet N Wild are definitely a brand I'll be keeping an eye on now, their shadows are by far the best drugstore ones I've tried.

After loving the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, I couldn't resist picking up one of their Butter Blushes. I chose Vintage Rouge, a light nude pink. Just like the bronzer, it's buildable and easy to blend. Speaking of beautiful blushes, I was determined to try Kjaer Weis' offering. I've seen so many people mention their Cream Blush that I had to see them for myself. I chose the shade Embrace, another nude pink, but a little peachier than the Physicians Formula one. Embrace has quickly jumped up the list of my favourite blushes. I didn't know if I would ever consider such an expensive blush 'worth it' but I have zero regrets.

Much like Kjaer Weis, I was set on getting something from Lilah B. The Bronzed Beauty Bronzer Duo was my first choice. I was actually completely unimpressed by it when I swatched it in store. I was talking with the sales assistant and she convinced me that it looks better on, and oh my god, she was so right. If you're fair to light, this is a dream! So completely natural and easy to build up without ever going overboard. Another luxe product that is so worth all the hype it gets. It really goes to show that swatches aren't everything. 

On one of the last days in the trip I took a final trip to Sephora and picked up a few things. I'd just heard that they'd dropped the prices of the Bite Beauty Lip Pencils, so I got two. 008 is a peachy nude and 020, a beige nude. At nine bucks each, these are a total steal. Lucky for me I had a further 15% off, so I kind of wish I'd gotten a few more. 

I'd been trying to decide if I wanted to get one of the Hourglass Scattered Light eyeshadows basically the whole trip. I ended up getting it because I know it's the sort of thing that I probably wouldn't buy at full price, but I'm sure as you can tell by the length of this haul, this was very much a 'treat yourself' trip. I ended up deciding on the shade smoke, a beautiful cool taupe. This is the perfect eyeshadow if you're low on time but still want to look put together. It's so easy but so impactful.

The last item I picked up was the Viseart Petit Pro 1 palette. I definitely didn't need this at all, but it was so little and cute and I was so curious about the formula. Along with all of the other expensive purchases I made, I'm happy to say that I really like the product.

Overall I ended up being happy with everything I purchased. I hadn't made any makeup purchases for a good 8 months before this trip, so I had plenty of time to do my research and make sure I was only buying things that I really wanted and that I really believed I would like. So I guess it was kind of.. mindful hauling... if that's a thing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! There's just one more part of this haul series left.
Stay tuned to see what it is!
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