Trying Makeup Revolution Eyeshadows

I remember the first time I'd heard of Makeup Revolution. I was watching a Shaaanxo video when I was first getting into makeup. She was using one of their dupes of the Too Faced Sweetheart blushes.  It looked cute and she seemed to like it, but for a long time I thought that was all the brand did. Dupe other brands. I've always felt a little funny about that sort of thing, so I was never really tempted to try anything from the brand.

It wasn't until a few years later that I'd started taking notice of their more original creations. I'm not sure if that's just because they started producing more original products, or if people just started talking about them more. Either way, I was definitely paying more attention to them than I had previously. 

So when the Soph Extra Spice Palette turned up at my door I was pretty excited to see what the shadows were like for myself. First off, I was quite taken by the shade selection and layout. I've spoken before about how I sometimes struggle to come up with looks when shadows are in a more haphazard layout. Luckily, the mix of brights and neutrals are set out in a way that my mind can make sense of. 

I was excited to test them out after seeing so many people have such mixed reviews of them. The thing I hear most often about their quality is 'hit or miss' and that some palettes are great while others are an easy pass.

The shadows are a little powdery, and do have some kick up. I'm not that bothered by this but it's worth mentioning. It takes a few layers to reach opacity with most of the matte shades. There is pigment there, but it's not crazy right out the gate. I've spoken before about how I prefer a shadow that can be used sheer or built up. For me it adds some versatility to a palette, because I can use the same shade for a sheer wash of colour or for a bolder look. Luckily, these shadows aren't patchy or difficult to blend, which makes all the difference. 

The shimmers are decent, but not mindblowing. They're a little lackluster when used dry, so using your finger or a wet brush is best. When applied in either of those ways they are vibrant and bold. Some of the shimmers in my palette have developed hard pan after a few uses, so be sure that your fingers/brush are clean as to not seal the shadows over. Rubbing them with a clean tissue will get them back though. It's not an issue that is exclusive to these shadows, I've experienced the same thing with some of my ABH shimmers.

They do definitely benefit from an eyeshadow primer. The lasting time without one isn't great, about four to five hours. I don't usually reach for a primer, so that part is a bit inconvenient for me. Given the price point it is something I don't mind having to do. I'm always happy to put it a little more effort (within reason of course) for something that is so affordable. With a primer, I can get a full work day out of them.

Overall, I'm happy with these shadows and I do find the palette easy to create looks with. I'll be paying more attention to their releases, and if anything jumps out at me I'll be happy to make a purchase. Even though this was gifted to me I would be happy to pay the $18 AUD it costs. They're a good affordable option and something that I wish I had access to when I was first getting in to makeup.  

Soph Extra Spice Palette provided for consideration from Glam Raider.

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