A Go-To Skincare Review

Go-To Skincare is an Australian brand founded in 2014 by Zoë Foster-Blake. If you're not familiar, she's basically royalty in the Australian beauty world. As a beauty editor, author and blogger she already had a loyal fan base before launching the brand. I've been following Zoë and Go-To for a few years now, so I couldn't put off testing out the products any longer.

I'm one of those people who has a list in their heads of brands/specific items that I want to buy, but never actually gets around to trying them. Instead of buying something I've been thinking about for months or years, I'll grab something completely different because in the moment I can't think of the things I actually want. This is how I've been with Go-To for a little while now. 

I picked up the Pinky-Nudey Lips as a GWP with a magazine last year, but it's still taken me this long to order anything more. I was starting to notice people outside of the beauty community talk about them, a lot. I work in a pretty big office and so many of the girls are loyal customers of the brand. My friends were doing group orders of the cleanser and sheet masks. I was struck with some serious FOMO. The peachy packaging. The quirky product names and descriptions. The glowing reviews. It was time for me to place an order.


Pinky-Nudey Lips!    $17 AUD
Starting off with my first experience with the brand, the Pinky-Nudey Lips is a tinted lip balm with SPF 15. The tint is sheer, but definitely noticeable and as the name suggests, pinky-nudey in colour. It looks thick when depositing product, but it quickly melts into your lips and has a lot of slip to it. As a result, you only need a small amount. Lanolin, shea butter, apricot kernel oil make the balm nourishing. It's lived in my hand bag for most of it's time with me, and while it's not my favourite balm of all time, it's a solid performer. My lips are very dry and flake-prone, so this doesn't always cut it for me. If I'm having a good lip day, I have no complaints about it maintaining a flake-free pout. I'd say if you have 'normal' lips then this would be great for you, but if you have high maintenance lips it may not be enough.

Transformazing Sheet Mask    $9 AUD
The best fitting sheet mask I've tried so far! It was so nice to be able to put this on and not have to fiddle with it for the whole time it was on. These are a little pricier than I usually go for in a sheet mask, but I couldn't resist the packaging (I know, I know). Reading through the ingredient list also made them seem worth trying. With niacinamide, Kakadu plum extract and a bunch of other brightening ingredients. After taking the mask off I was met with skin that looked plump, hydrated and clear. These are definitely worth the money and when I do another order I'll be picking up a box of them. 

Properly Clean    $31 AUD
It's a liquid cleanser that dispenses as a mousse/foam. It's light texture doesn't leave a film or layer over your face, instead just leaving clean and healthy feeling skin. I've been using this on it's own of a morning and as part of a double cleanse at night. I've used it with both the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm as well as the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and it works well with both. It doesn't strip your skin or leave you feeling tight. It can remove a light layer or makeup, but will need help if you've got a lot of product on. There is a very light and pleasant citrus scent that makes using it feel like more of an 'experience' if you will. I was really happy to finally try this and even happier that it lived up to my expectations. It's not crazily priced and it does the job. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this in the future. 

Face Hero    $45 AUD
I was totally expecting to fall in love with Face Hero, and I totally have. As someone with dry skin, I've always loved face oils. Some more than others of course, but all in all I've tried very few that I didn't like. Looking at the ingredient list, it's easy to see why Face Hero has a cult following behind it. It's a blend of 10 oils including almond oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil and rosehip oil. I've been using it after masks, as a part of my evening routine and mixed in with moisturiser of a morning. A little goes a long way, and patting it in to the skin allows it to soak in while hydrating. It has a similar scent to Properly Clean, which makes it even better for me. This one is a winner for sure. 

So that's a wrap on this review! 
Have you tried Go-To before?

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