My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Using the right brush for the right job can elevate a look just as quickly as using the wrong brush can ruin a look. Before I got in to makeup I'd buy brushes that weren't designed for the things I needed them for. I'd buy ones that would shed and break. In the hopes of someone else avoiding that trial and error, I thought it would be worth sharing the brushes that I've fallen in love with through the years. 

This isn't my entire collection, just the tried and true favourites. The ones that I would be most likely to buy again if they were to all be stolen or something (let's hope not). Most mentioned here are pretty affordable, thought there are a few high end ones mentioned as well. Price can definitely be a factor when it comes to finding good brushes, but not always.  

Zoeva | 228 Luxe Crease This is probably my most used eyeshadow brush ever. It's thinner than most crease brushes I have in my collection, so it's great for more precise blending. A lot of the time I will buff a shade into the crease for a one shadow look, and this brush makes it so easy. 

Zoeva | 234 Luxe Smoky Shader This brush (and the 230 mentioned below) are some of the only brushes I have multiples of. It's my go-to for applying shimmer shadows. You can really pack shadows into it if you want a metallic punch. A lot of the time I don't have to wet shadows if I'm using this.

Zoeva | 230 Luxe Pencil I generally use this brush for the lower lash line. It's also great for deepening a look with a darker shadow while maintaining subtlety. It's small enough for the inner corner as well as being easy to use in larger areas.

Zoeva | 237 Detail Shader A smaller alternative to the 234. This is what I reach for if I want to add a shimmer to a smaller area. It also works beautifully with cream shadows. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Brush #14 I have been using this brush for years and it's never let me down. It works well with powders and pomades. The spoolie is really sturdy as well.

Real Techniques | 200 Oval Shadow Brush This brush comes in handy a lot. I like using it to set the eyes with powder or shadow, but it's also great for diffusing shadows. If I ever go in too hard with a colour, I can pack this one with something the same shade as my skin to tone it down. Great for days where you don't have time to re-do your eyes. 

MAC | 217 Blending Brush With a huge cult following behind it, it's no wonder this was one of my first brush purchases. I remember reading blogs and forums that insisted that there was no better brush in the world! While I don't agree with that statement, it is a really solid brush that has lasted me years. I might not repurchase if I were to lose it (almost $50 is too much for what it is) but I would be really sad to not have it.

Wayne Goss | 04 Small Eyeshadow Crease Brush Similarly shaped to the Zoeva 228, but a little thinner. This is one of the softest brushes in my collection. It's great for creating softer looks. It makes blending feel like an effortless task, which is always appreciated when getting ready for work in the morning.

Real Techniques | Buffing Brush This quickly became one of my favourite brushes when I started using it to set my eyes. I don't often bother with eyeshadow primer, I just blend my foundation there instead. With a little translucent powder, this quickly sets the foundation in place. It's also great for blending cream bronzers and blushes. 

Real Techniques | Multi-Task Brush So good for blush! I'm not sure if it's just the shape of my face, but this brush sweeps blush so perfectly across my cheeks. It's quite flexible so it works really well for days that I want to take it over my nose for an all-over sunkissed look. 

Real Techniques | Setting Brush Although I don't use this brush for setting, it's perfect for highlighting. You can pack the product on heavily or pick up the smallest amount for a lit from within look. 

It Cosmetics | Flawless Powder Brush I have dry skin, so it's not all that often I set my face. But when I do, this is the brush I reach for. It applies powders so gently that you would never know it was there. 

Sigma | F80 Flat Kabuki Admittedly, I'm a sponge girl when it comes to foundation. However, there are some base products that just work better with a brush. If I'm using a sheerer product, this is the brush I'll reach for. It spreads and blends foundation quickly and evenly. 

MAC | 187 Synthetic Duo Fibre Face Brush I'm pretty sure I could write a love song about this brush. I had this for a couple of years without knowing what to use it for. I brought it on recommendation as a foundation brush but I've never been able to get it to work for that purpose. The day I tried it with bronzer... It was magic. Mac is crazy overpriced in Australia but I would repurchase this in an instant if it were to break.

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favourite brushes or brush brands?
I'm always looking to discover new ones. 

What's your opinion?