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A little while ago I was sent the Meet Your Mask set by Peter Thomas Roth. I regularly try mini sizes of skincare before investing in anything full sized. It's just an easier way to make sure something agrees with your skin without spending as much money. My skin is usually pretty good, but it can sometimes be sensitive and reactive, which is why I like to have the chance to sample products first.

I started thinking about how some masks show immediate results, where others require regular use. So I thought I'd come to you with something that isn't quite a full review, but more than a first impressions. I've gotten 3 - 4 uses out of each of the masks and thought I'd share my findings. After trying them all, which do I think is most worth purchasing a full size of? Were there any I didn't notice a difference with at all? 

First up was the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. The first thing I noticed was the scent. I've never had pumpkin pie, or any kind of pumpkin dessert, but this is what I imagine it would smell like. It has a gritty texture that you wet to activate. I felt a slight tingle while I had it on, but it wasn't too strong. The mask is a resurfacing mask with AHA as well as Aluminium Oxide Crystals. So you get both chemical and physical exfoliation. Once removed, I noticed that my skin felt immediately smoother and looked clearer. 

The next one I tried was the Cucumber Gel Mask. As the name suggests, it has a thin gel texture that applies clear. I didn't notice a scent, which is great for those with sensitivities. It's very cooling while on, so I could see this being a great mask for the summer months. After using my skin felt soothed and calm. This one would be great to take on a holiday to the beach, or to use on a light sunburn. 

The Blue Marine Algae Mask was the one I saw the least difference with. That is probably down to the fact that it's meant to protect against environmental factors. That would mean you would see more benefit from prolonged use. As for the hydrating claims, it wasn't quite strong enough for my skin to feel a difference. I'm used to slathering oils all over my face, so for me to notice a difference from a mask it would have to be something amazing. 

The Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask felt similar in texture to the Cucumber and Blue Marine masks. All have a similar thin gel consistency. It has a fresh scent that doesn't linger once applied. It was soothing and hydrating, but not incredibly so. It's very gentle, so it would be worth looking into for those with sensitive skin. I preferred using this as a secondary mask to a stronger one than on it's own.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I tried the Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask. It's not your standard detoxifying mask. First off, the texture is thin with a lot less spread-ability than most masks I've tried. There was a slight tingle where I had breakouts, but no where else. For a purifying mask, it wasn't at all drying or tightening, which I really liked. It's one of the more unique masks that I've used. Once I took it off I could feel my skin felt noticeably cleaner and clearer. 

The 24k Gold Pure Luxury Lift and Firm Mask. A clear mask packed with gold particles. I'm not usually one to be drawn to skincare that has gold in it, but this one is really fun. They've definitely nailed the 'Luxury' part of this mask. I couldn't feel any tingling or tightness from the mask, which I quite liked. As for immediate results, I didn't notice anything huge. My skin felt a little bit firmer, but I think that this is one of those masks that you would need to use on a consistent basis to see changes.

Of the set, the stand outs for me were the Pumpkin Enzyme, Irish Moor and Cucumber Gel masks. They were the ones that made the biggest difference for my skin. I prefer masking as an extra 'pamper' step. I don't really reach for masks that you need to use on a regular basis to see results. Mainly because I don't usually mask more than once a week. These three were the ones that I felt worked best for the way I mask. 

The Rose and Blue Marine masks were nice, but not ones that I would go out of my way to purchase. They're ones that I'd be happy if I got for my birthday, but wouldn't spend the money on myself. I did enjoy the 24k Gold mask, but at 25, I think I'm still a few years away from this being right for me. I have a few anti-ageing products in my routine, but it's not a huge priority for me yet. 

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  1. That 24K gold mask has my name on it for sure!