Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Current Beauty Wishlist | 002

I'm only a few months away from my trip to Los Angeles this August, and I am in full planning mode. I've got a spread sheet full of details about the trip. A full itinerary, packing list and a price comparison breakdown of things I'm interested in buying. Then there's also a page full of things I want to buy that we can't get in-store in Australia. I don't know when I became such a detailed holiday planner, but I guess this is who I am now. I actually find it... fun. 

So while chipping away at this spread sheet I realised that I had enough things to do a huge wishlist post. Then I realised that if I were to throw everything I want into one post it would be too big. So I've narrowed the list down to the things that I want the most. The 10 things that I am almost positive I will either be getting before I go or while I'm there. And here they are:


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