Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Anti-Haul - What I'm Not Gonna Buy | 001

Hello and welcome to a new little series on my blog! After watching and reading and just all around loving Anti-Hauls for so long, I wanted to dip my toes in the water. Now, if you've not heard of them before, they are basically a list of products that I will not be purchasing. I suggest watching a few of Kimberly Clark's so that you can sing what I'm not gonna buyyyyy in your head just like I do everytime I see the words Anti-Haul. 

With all the talk of what new releases excite us and what products we're currently loving, I felt like I should be sharing the products that don't interest me. Whether it be due to the price, or if it's just not my style. It can be interesting to see different takes on things like that. I might say a product looks ugly while you may immediately add it to your cart. So let's get into the new and upcoming releases that I will not be buying:

Fenty Beauty | Body Lava 
Do these look beautiful? Yes. Would I ever use them? Nope. I wanted to start off with something that I know right off the bat I don't want. I think body illuminators always look gorgeous in the bottle, but I know I'd only ever use it as a photo prop on Instagram. I mean, it's a good week for me if I remember to shave my legs, let alone thinking to slather shimmer all over them. It's also not the right season for a product like this in Australia, we're going into winter so my body will be covered for like, the next six months. 

KKW Beauty | KKWXMario Collaboration
I thought there would be a chance that this launch would be the one to get me interested in KKW Beauty. So far, everything that they've released has felt like an easy pass for me. With glosses, a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette this one had potential, but I can't help but feel that it fell flat. In my opinion, the packaging looks a little cheap, especially compared to Mario's ABH collab. I already have too many nude bullet lipsticks and glosses, so I don't want to buy those. I'm sure these will all perform really well and that they will create beautiful looks. I'm just not wowed by any of it.

Too Faced | Natural Face Palette
I think I would have snapped this one up in 2016 or 2017. But lately I've realised that I tend to not reach for face palettes that much. I've decluttered most of the ones I used to own, and I don't think it would be long before this one fell to the back of my collection. I have a few left that I do use and love, but I don't think I'd enjoy this palette over any of those ones. This is the sort of palette that I think would make a nice gift for someone that doesn't have a large collection, but I know it would get lost in mine. Too Faced make beauitful bronzers and blushes, but I already own the ones I want in single form. 

Benefit Cosmetics | Gold Rush Blush
Blushes always tempt me. No matter how many dupes I have, no matter what brand. Always. The only powder product I own from Benefit is Dandelion, which I love. But I've had it for 5 years and it still looks almost new on the inside. The cardboard packaging looks a little worn and is too bulky for me to buy another one that I'll probably also own for five years. I've really started to develop strong packaging preferences, and these boxed blushes just aren't what I'm in to anymore.

Glamglow | My Little Pony #Glittermask Gravitymud 
Not to sound like too much of a crotchety old lady, but I never want to see another My Little Pony collab again. I also don't need to see glitter in my skincare. Ever. I was confused when Too Faced made a glitter mask, but I was shocked when a real skincare brand followed suit. Even if the glitter doesn't do any harm, it still doesn't do any good. If I'm shelling out that much money on a mask, I don't want cartoon horses on the packaging. I also don't want it to feel like a gimmick. Easy pass.

Smashbox | Cali Contour Palette
So I already mentioned that I don't reach for face palettes enough when talking about the Too Faced one. I already have the Kat Von D contour palette, which I love! But I can still go months without touching it. I think if you have one contour product that works for you then you really don't need any more. I'm also kind of just over contouring. Every now and then I'll do it, but it's not a step in my daily routine like it used to be. I think it looks lovely, but I know I already have all of these shades.


So they're some of the new makeup releases that I'm not going to spend my money on. Do you fee the same way about them? Or do you want to pick one of them up? What would be on your anti-haul list?


  1. I agree with all of these anti-haul products! They will probably all be super over-hyped.

    Cortney ||

    1. It can be so hard to tell now days if the hype is justified or not! Thanks for reading x

  2. I agree with you, Glamglow masks look nice but nope, they aren't worth the price.

    1. I've tried one before and I really didn't think it was worth the money!

  3. I love these kinds of posts! I don't go for face palettes either, i prefer having different things I can turn to rather than an all-in one x

    1. There always ends up being at least one shade I'm not crazy about!

  4. Love this! I miss Kimberley’s anti haul videos and I love this has become a trend.

    I also no longer reach for face palettes much either so I’m decluttering all but Hourglass’ as I still reach for theirs. I love KKW and Mario’s work but I wasn’t enthused about this as I was with the ABH collaboration.

    Maddie |

    1. The one I have from Hourlgass is one of the only ones I consistently reach for! x

  5. Loved this! I totally agree with you on the Kim K Mario Colab and the Gravity Mud! I don't want glitter in my skincare. End of :P

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want glitter in my skincare!

  6. I'm not interested in the Fenty body highlighter either! Especially not at that price-point...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty



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