Swatching My Highlighter Collection

This post is one I've been thinking about doing for a while. I love highlighters and I know I'm not the only one. I wanted to have a little visual archive for myself to help keep track of what I already have. By type (liquid, cream or powder), and by colour. I've never felt overwhelmed by my highlighter collection, but I'm definitely at the point where I don't need to buy any more.

I think I have all of my bases covered at this point and I probably have a few I could declutter too. I think this will be helpful for me to (hopefully) avoid buying things which I have dupes for. It was also interesting for me to see current dupes I have in my collection. I'll go through each of the products individually down below. Hopefully you find this helpful in some way, I know I'll be referring back to it next time I'm considering buying a new highlighter. For reference I am fair with yellow undertones (Mac NC10 or Nars Siberia). 


Marc Jacobs Dew Drops. Benefit High Beam. Mecca Illuminating Drops
Marc Jacobs | Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter - Golden champagne. A little goes a long way on my skin tone and it has a very natural finish once blended out.

Benefit | High Beam - Silvery pink. I can get a way with using quite a lot of this. The depth is very similar to my skin tone but the undertone is much cooler.

Mecca Cosmetica | Lit From Within Illuminating Drops - Rose gold. This one is summer in a bottle. Quite shimmery compared to my others and looks even better on the body than it does on the face.


Colourpop Stole The Show, Felxitarian, Scrumptious & Glazed. Mecca Balm. Becca Prosecco Pop
Colorpop | Super Shock Highlighter in Stole The Show - Colourpop highlighters are some of my favourites. Their texture is so soft and they melt into the skin. Very buildable as well. Stole The Show is my favourite and most used.

Colourpop | Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian - The most metallic highlighter in my collection. A little too intense for my preferences, but I keep it around for the odd occasion that I want to be visible to people in outer space.

Colourpop | Super Shock Highlighter in Scrumptious (not available) - One of my least-used. It's a pretty pink highlight, but I tend to reach for my other pink toned highlighters over this one. It probably won't survive my next declutter.

Colourpop | Super Shock Highlighter in Glazed (not available) - More bronzey toned. Applied lightly this is very natural. It can be too dark if I'm not careful with blending but overall very pretty.

Mecca Cosmetica | Enlightened Lit From Within Illuminating Balm - This one is a real stand out in my collection. Undetectable until it hits the light, where you get a truly dewy, wet-look highlight. My favourite of all the creams and liquids I have.

Becca | Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Prosecco Pop - Another one that looks a little too dark for me when swatched, but not when blended out. That's what I love about cream formulas, they're easy enough to sheer out that out have far more shades you can use than powders.


Becca Pearl & Champagne Pop. The Balm Bonnie Lou-Manizer & Mary Lou-Manizer. ABH So Hollywood
Becca | Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Pearl - One of the few highlighters I have that there is a visible dip in. If you're fair, this is perfection. I love it on it's own and I love using it to lighten darker highlighters.

Becca | Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop - Such a classic highlighter at this point. This is my favorite to mix with Pearl, as it can show a little dark on me unless I have a bit of colour on my face. Becca have such a beautiful, reflective formula. There's a reason they're universally loved.

The Balm | Bonnie-Lou Manizer* - I was recently sent this by The Balm and as you can see it's too dark for me. If you have medium or deeper skin, this would look incredible. The Balm have such gorgeous highlighters, but I'll need to pass this one on to a friend.

The Balm | Mary-Lou Manizer - This was the first highlighter I ever owned! It's buildable, reflective without being metallic and doesn't emphasise texture. Another one that has a dip in it. There's a good chance I'll have pan on it before the year is out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Illuminator - So Hollywood (not available) - I love this highlighter so much and it makes me so sad that it's not available any more. I'm still crossing my fingers ABH will bring their single illuminators back. This one is a true gold that I can't get enough of.

Fenty Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal. Charlotte Tilbury. Elf Moonlight Pearls. Poni Unicorn Highlighter.  Nars Hot Sand
Fenty Beauty | Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal - I actually like this duo even more than I originally thought I would. I love that one side is super subtle while the other is more beaming. I also love that you get a really nice middle ground when you mix them.

Charlotte Tilbury| Filmstar Bronze and Glow -  I love the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow so much. I actually don't think I've ever heard anyone say otherwise about it. And as much as I like the bronzer, I like the highlight even more. It's just smooth and seamless on my skin and the perfect 'everyday' or work appropriate highlighter.

Elf | Baked Hightlighter in Moonlight Pearls - I didn't realise that this was the only drugstore highlight I had until I put everything together for this post (I don't consider Colourpop drugstore because they aren't available in drugstores) but, well, here we are. This one is really beautiful, I didn't realise until I swatched them together but it is tonally very close to the Fenty highlighter. My only negative is that because the product is baked it can be a little hard to pick up on a brush.

Poni Cosmeitcs | Unicorn Champagne Highlighting Powder* - This highlighter is essentially a more subtle Champagne Pop. It has an ombre effect, so one half of the pan is very subdued while the other half has a more noticeable reflect.

Nars | Blush Duo in Hot Sand/Orgasm - This one is from a mini sized duo that also contains Orgasm. It's lovely, but as I'm sure you can see it's not really that unique to my collection. I always need to remind myself to actually use it.

ABH Gleam Glow Kit. KVD Alchemist
Anastasia Beverly Hills | Glow Kit in Gleam (not available) - If all of the Glow Kits had this formula I would probably own them all. These are highly reflective, without any glitter. I'm not normally into a super bright highlight, but there is something about these four shades that are magical. I wish this one was still available!

Kat Von D | Alchemist Holographic Palette - I originally bought this to curb my interest in all other colourful highlighters. I knew if I had a few that I liked I wouldn't be tempted to get any more. So far that has worked for me. I like to use them as highlighters, but they can also look great as eyeshadow and lip toppers. 

Thank you so much for reading! Do you feel that you tend to gravitate towards a certain shade or finish with highlighters? I definitely prefer a subtle but buildable champagned toned shade. But I have enough of those to last me a lifetime, so hopefully I can remember that when I next go to buy one.

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What's your opinion?

  1. I love the Becca highlighter formula :) Champagne and Prosecco Pop are my favourites!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. Oh wow this is fantastic for a highlighter addict like me and I spot so many favourites. I would definitely love to buy a highlighter palette - not that i need one!

    1. I definitely don't need any more highlighting palettes! Unless I somehow manage to use some of my existing ones up x

  3. Ahh I love these! definitely need to try some new highlighters as I only have a couple that don't really do justice.

    1. It can be tricky to find one that's right for you!

  4. The mecca illuminating drops look super cute! Think I need to try them :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    1. They're so pretty! I got a lot of wear out of them during the summer.

  5. Such a gorgeous collection Billie. I declutted my KatvonD Alchemy Palette as I just couldn't make it work for me. Mary Lou and Filmstar bronze and glow are two of my favourites within my collection! xx

  6. These highlighters look absolutely gorgeous! I'm such a highlighter addict and I can't seem to stop myself from getting more and more highlighters. You've definitely put me in the mood to buy more highlighters now haha.