Empties - Products I've Used Up | 004

Hello! Welcome to the forth installment of my empties series. The past few months I've been far more interested in using the products in my existing collection rather than adding to it. Not to say that I've not been adding items in, because that would be a giant lie. I have been itching to try new things, but I don't want my collection to really get any bigger. So I've sort of just been waiting to finish things before I try new things. Let's get in and have a look at what I managed to finish over the past couple of months.

Mario Badescu - Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater I've loved this spray for a long time now. It smells nice and it's very refreshing. This and the cucumber version are what I turn to after a face mask. Would I repurchase? Yes. I have quite a few sprays in my collection at the moment, but I know I'll get another bottle of this at some point. I'm about halfway through the cucumber one at the moment. 

Mario Badescu - Lip Wax This is one of the only lip balms I've ever used all the way through. Usually I will lose it, or the cap will come off in my bag and get gross. I kept this on my vanity and used while getting ready for work in the morning. It almost feels like an oil once it's on and packs a heavy hit of hydration. Would I repurchase? Maybe one day. The balm itself is lovely but the packaging did get a little dirty and the label did begin peeling off. So I'm not in a rush to have it back in my life, but I wouldn't actively not buy it, if that makes sense.

It Cosmetics - Bye Bye Pores Pressed I love this powder! I used it to set my foundation and concealer when using powder blush/bronzer/highlight. It didn't make me look drier than I am and it definitely did blur out my pores. Would I repurchase? Yes. I'm not in a huge rush to, but when I finish other powders I own I would definitely pick this up again.

Mac - Fix+ I don't think it counts as one of my empties posts if there isn't a bottle of Fix+ in there. I feel like I don't even need to elaborate on this spray, it's just that good. Would I repurchase? Forever and always.

Sunday Riley - Good Genes I am so conflicted about this product. I am pretty sure I saw results. But I'm not certain. And for how expensive it is I don't think possible results are really enough. It's hard to make that call though, because this wasn't a full size. I keep telling myself that maybe I just didn't use it for long enough... But is that just the beauty junkie in me coming through? Would I repurchase? Down the line I might but not any time soon.

Becca - Under Eye Brightening Corrector This little pot truly felt like a bottomless pit. I used this at least four times a week for months and months (maybe even over a year?) and I was so excited when I finished it. It probably should have been more bittersweet, but I had a backup I was dying to open! It's my favourite way to colour correct my under eyes. If you have fair/light skin and dark circles, this is totally worth trying. Would I repurchase? Already have and probably will again!

Urban Decay - All Nighter Setting Spray I'm an almost criminal level homebody, so I don't have nights out that often. I also haven't ever really had a problem with makeup not staying put on my face, so it's no wonder this little bottle lasted me longer than a year. Would I repurchase? I have a wedding in March that I wouldn't mind picking up another small bottle for, so maybe.

Chloe - Chloe EDP I finally finished a perfume! I've been trying to use most of mine up so I can treat myself to Mojave Ghost by Byredo. This one went so quickly because I loved it so much. It has a beautiful, youthful rose scent that I could douse myself in without getting sick of. Would I repurchase? Not while I'm trying to get through so many other bottles, but maybe one day.

Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara One of my all time favourites. It gives a good amount of length and volume, one I tend to reach for on more minimal makeup days. It defines and separates without being over the top. Would I repurchase? I am currently using a backup I had.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Wiz My number one brow product. Nothing gets my brows looking presentable faster than this does. You can go bold or natural with this, which I love. This one did suffer a spoolie loss after having it in my handbag (bad idea). Would I repurchase? I have two backups already.

Origins - Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask I still can't get enough of this stuff! I've stopped using it every single night after introducing some more moisturising products into my night routine, but I still reach for it more often than not. Between how plump it makes my skin feel and the fruity scent, this is a forever love of mine. Would I repurchase? Every single time.

And that's that! What products have you finished up recently?
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  1. If there's one thing I need right now it's Mac's Fix+! It just seems like the holy grail of setting sprays! Lovely post x

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    1. It's such a good spray! I use it almost every single day x

  2. Oh I absolutely love the Origins Overnight Mask and you have reminded me that I need to use it more x


    1. It's such a good mask! I love how much it hydrates. x