Colourpop Pressed Shadows - My Palette Swatched

Hello and welcome to my first blog post of 2018! I hope you've all had a happy and healthy start to the year. I had a nice little break but now it's back to reality, so I'm back with a blog post. I've had the title of this post saved to my drafts for months but have had to wait until I filled my palette. There is something so satisfying about custom made single shadow palettes to me. I love seeing the different shades people choose and knowing their reasoning for them. 

I've had this palette completed for a few weeks now and I've managed to arranged them in a way that makes sense to my eyes. Hopefully you can find a little inspiration here if you're looking to build a palette full of single shadows, or maybe you just want to see some pretty colours swatched. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Colourpop's pressed eyeshadow formula has become on of my favourites. The mattes are decently pigmented, are easy to build up and blend out nicely. The shimmers give a beautiful metallic look when dry and can be amplified when wet. I love them so much that they made my 2017 favourites. For me, the mattes perform just as well as my ABH singles and the shimmers perform even better. Considering they are less than half the price, they're hard to beat. Every shade performs consistently well, so I love that I can confidently reach for any of them and know that I won't have to sit and blend forever. 

I wanted to build myself a palette that I could use on a daily basis and use every shade. I know I'm not the only one that has a few palettes that I only use half of. I like palettes with pops of colour, but I wanted pops of colour that are my style. Colourpop has such a wide variety of shades that it was sometimes hard to keep this in mind when ordering. They have some stunning blue shades, but I don't wear blue eyeshadow. Instead I went with greens, pinks and yellows. I wanted plenty of neutral shades because they're what I reach for most.

Hear Me Out, Let Me Explain, Outta Luck, Ringer, Conundrum and Labyrinth
Hear Me Out - my go-to base shade in this palette. Every time I do a look I pack from lid to brow bone. It's such a great match for me that you can barely see it in the swatch.
Let Me Explain - the perfect soft gold inner corner highlight. I've even used this on my cheeks a few times and it's so flattering on my skin. If you're fair like me, this would be a gorgeous addition.
Outta Luck - a nice peachy transition shade. 
Ringer - metallic peach. This one looks so good as a one-and-done all over the lid shade.
Conundrum - your typical warm brown. This shade is best friends with my lower lash line.
Labyrinth - This is the only shade in this photo that doesn't look quite right. I couldn't get it to photograph right when swatched, but in real life it looks exactly the same swatched as it does in the palette.

Note To Self, Play By Play, Paper Tiger, Wake Up Call, Stay Golden, Come And Get It
Note To Self - similar to Conundrum but lighter and brighter.
Play By Play - one of the most unique shades I own. It's a bright orange-gold with a green shift. Surprisingly wearable while still being noticeably different.
Paper Tiger - easily my favourite shade in the palette. No contest. The mustard of my dreams.
Wake Up Call - a beautiful light warm brown. One of my go-to shades for everything. In the crease, all over the lid, lower lash line, outer v. Also a spot on dupe for ABH Birkin.
Stay Golden - a super pigmented raspberry shade.
Come and Get It - a true pink with gold shimmer. After seeing Sissy from the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette I had to look up dupes and was so excited when this was listed. It's so beautiful!

Paper Crane, Rosé All Day, Running Late, Salt Water, Cute Alert Lil' Boat
Paper Crane - metallic copper. This makes my eyes look twice as bright.
Rosé All Day - This shade reminds me of velvet. It's bright and shimmery and such a gorgeous green.
Running Late - a lighter and creamier take on Paper Tiger.
Salt Water - bright shimmery orange. Another shade to make blue eyes pop.
Cute Alert - a purple/brown matte shade. This one looks so pretty on the lower lash line.
Lil' Boat - rich warm brown.

Let's Do It, Team Captain, Take The Lead, Glass Bull, Bel Air, Ego
Let's Do It - this one doesn't swatch well. It does apply beautifully though, so don't let that be a factor. Swatches aren't everything.
Team Captain - dark khaki green.
Take The Lead - a grey shade that I pretty much picked up solely for pairing with Team Captain and Glass Bull. No regrets, they work so well together.
Glass Bull - a browny-pink shadow with a strong blue reflect. Another shade that is different to anything else I own.
Bel Air - a more neutral version of Wake Up Call.
Ego - Almost the same shade as Bel Air with a metallic finish instead of matte.

Thank you so much for reading! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Such a beautiful palette Billie! I'm so drawn to Paper cranes, Rose all day and Ego in particular. I have yet to try Colourpop but these eyeshadows look just stunning. xx

    1. They're all gorgeous colours! Ego is one of my favourites to do a quick wash over the lid with at the moment.

  2. Love your custom palette and the shades you have! I love my CP shadows!

    1. Thank you! They really have made an amazing product x