Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Best Shampoo I've Ever Used - Evo Gluttony Shampoo

I've never been the best at doing my hair. I'm not sure if it's because I lack talent or if my hair is just that difficult. If my hair were a human, it would be a toddler. Right in the midst of the terrible twos. As a result, I really rely on good shampoo and conditioner, because there isn't much I can do in terms of styling.

The lovely team at RY.com.au reached out to me and asked if I would like to try out some Evo hair products. I peeked on their website and was immediately smitten with their branding. Just about every product had five star ratings as well, which is always a huge selling point.

They were thoughtful enough to ask me my hair concerns, luckily for me I had plenty to choose from. My hair is incredibly thick, I've always theorised that I have enough for two people. It's also incredibly fine, which makes it really flat. I'm not sure if it's because of how thick and fine it is or not, but it refuses to be styled. I straighten it every morning, but by dinner time it's wavy again. I don't even bother curling it, no matter what product I put in there it will drop within an hour. Also, my scalp is dry, which makes it itchy. I know, I'm really lucky.

As you can probably tell from the paragraph above (sometimes a girl just needs to vent), I'm pretty much willing to try anything for my hair. The Gluttony Volume Shampoo ($32.95) exceeded every expectation, hope and dream I had about it. I let it air dry after my first time using it and I could not believe it. Not only was my hair even softer than it normally is, but it had volume. It was as if there was an invisible hair stylist lightly teasing my hair while it dried. And to top it off, it didn't dry out my scalp. I'm able to go five days between washes before my head starts to itch. I was so beyond impressed that when I run out I'll be picking up the Bride of Gluttony Conditioner ($32.95) to go with it. I definitely found my new go-to with this.

Happy Campers Leave-In Moisturiser ($32.95) was a huge surprise for me. Normally I hate the feel of anything you leave in your hair. For as often as I straighten my hair, it's really pretty soft, so a lot of the time extra products will weigh it down. I was able to have this in my hair without being able to feel it, which I really liked. It's not something that I will use all the time, but I'm happy to have this in my bathroom for days when my hair needs a little extra love.

The Easy Tiger Straigtening Balm ($32.95) is a really great product. It's easy to use and there is an immediate difference between when I use it and when I don't. It makes straightening not take as long, which I love at 6am on a work day. Also, my hair stays straight for longer. If I weren't as lazy as I am with my hair, I would use this every day. Instead, I've been using this whenever I remember to and each time I do I say to myself, "Oh, I should use this every day!" And then I forget the next day. I tend to do the same thing with hand creams. If I love them so much why do I find it so hard to remember to do?

I think I'm always going to be lazy about my hair, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate good products. These are more expensive than what I usually buy for my hair, but I totally get why. These work. Simple as that. My hair feels good after using them, better than they do with the other salon brands I've used. Not to mention the packaging is really cute and funny, which is always a bonus. If you can justify the price, I would definitely recommend trying out Evo products.

Thank you for reading! What are your favourite products for your hair?


  1. Great post! So bad they seem to be perfect for my hair, but they aren't available here.

  2. Big fan of Evo!

    Great review!

    www.beautifinda.com.au xx

  3. Great post, sounds like a really interesting brand! I still haven't found a 'favourite' hair brand ... I keep switching as I'm not happy with whatever I try...it does the job but no more than that...I could do with something better than what I have been using! xx

    1. I'm usually the same way! I find it so hard to find things that actually give me what I want.

  4. I love the simple packaging. It sounds like a lovely haircare brand would love to try this. Great post!

    Taslyn| www.hiddenbeau-t.co.uk

    1. They're definitely worth trying if you have the chance!

  5. Hahaha girl, when you were describing you hair and your attitude towards it, it was almost like I wrote it - I'm the same, except I have thick not thin hair and lots of it. Also super guilty of being lazy AF. These sound really nice and I dig the packaging, too! x

    I've followed you on Bloglovin' and IG, always good to find a fellow Melbournian :)

    Daniela | MissNewBeauty.net



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